Are you a millennial holding a key role in a small or medium business? Or maybe you’re a young entrepreneur starting a small business of your own.

If you are, then you know that you have a unique, fresh work style.  You’re adaptable, tech savvy, and you want in on the big picture.  You seek variety, flexibility, and rapid growth – that’s why you love the challenges of small business management.

You’ve probably felt frustrated that you’re expected to do business the same way as your parents and grandparents – with systemic inefficiencies, rigid schedules, and redundancies.

But the fact is, your generation is ready for its time in the sun.  By 2020, you will make up about half of the work force.

It’s time for the workforce to start getting ready. 

Millennials have a unique work style that will inevitably change the way that businesses are run.  It’s time for small business technology to catch up.

The Workflow Timeline is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

This powerful new tool brings the live feed to the workplace, in a dynamic web tool designed especially to meet the needs of small businesses.

Whether you hold a key role in a small business or have started your own, you understand the power of real time information.  You’re already using live feeds to monitor social media engagement, in the comments section of blogs, and to keep up with local and national news. 

Now you can use the live feed to get instant, real-time updates about your business.hipster

Managers will love:

  • A zoomed-in view of timecard notes
  • Tasking and project management updates

Account managers, sales staff, and customer service representatives will love:

  • Client and lead notes posting automatically to everyone at once
  • Easily-accessible status updates on all projects
  • Instant alerts when a lead box is filled out
  • Notifications to follow up on abandoned ecommerce carts

If you’re an entrepreneur who wears all those hats yourself, you’ll enjoy:

  • Up-to-the-minute accuracy on new orders
  • Broad view of customer satisfaction
  • Ability to address inefficiencies and problems in real time

All of that information posts automatically.  Learn more about the Workflow Timeline here!