Are you an employee of a small or medium business?


If you are, then you’re probably highly aware of inefficiencies.  You’re a hard worker – you know how to get things done – but the structure doesn’t exist for you to be as productive as possible.  You want to
be recognized for what you’re doing well, and redirected before it’s too late to fix a mistake.

You understand that it’s hard work to run a small business, but you’re sure there’s a better way to manage everything.  You’re tired of smoothing over misunderstandings, receiving confusing directions, and seeing things fall through the cracks.

Oftentimes, employees are the ones most impacted by weak business management systems.  You’re the one navigating the inefficient software every day, making the duplicate entries, and sitting in lengthy, frequent status update meetings. 

Here’s the good news: you’re right!  There is an easier, more reliable way to keep everyone on the same page.

The Workflow Timeline is here to help.

The Workflow Timeline was created to streamline those inefficiencies that drive you crazy every day.  It’s a live feed of the important business updates that you need in order to work efficiently.

You’ll spend more time productively getting things done, and less time being bogged down by problems and obstacles.  You and your coworkers get instant access to the Workflow Timeline from any mobile device or computer, meaning everyone is kept in the loop – automatically.

Instantly see who’s working on what, get the most current information on customers and leads, and see new orders, tasks, and projects as they occur.  You won’t believe how much time you’ll save.

The Workflow Timeline is the answer that small business employees (any industry, any position) have been waiting for.

Receptionists, administrative assistants, and office managers:workflow timeline

  • Instantly access internal client notes, so you can be on your game every time you pick up the phone
  • Use timecard notes to make payday a breeze

Sales teams and customer service representatives:

  • Access client and lead notes, which post automatically to everyone at once
  • Enjoy easily accessible status updates, even if you’re on the road
  • Receive instant alerts when lead boxes are filled out
  • Notifications to follow up on abandoned ecommerce carts


  • Keep a broad view of all ongoing projects, as tasks automatically post to the live feed
  • Assign tasks, and know that they’ll be seen immediately
  • Use timecard notes to see exactly how employees spend their time

All of these updates post automatically to the Timeline, so everyone is kept up-to-date without the need for inefficient communication.  Learn more about the Workflow Timeline here!