Are you an entrepreneur, running a small business with several employees?

If you are, then you’re probably a passionate, talented go-getter, who won’t take no for an answer.  You juggle many responsibilities, and you’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to grow your small business ownerbusiness.  You’re not just your own boss – you’re the dynamic leader of your staff.

Every day, you make important decisions to direct and develop of your business.  The more informed and up-to-date you are about your business, the better equipped you’ll be to make those big decisions.

What happens when you go home, or go to lunch, or pick the kids up from soccer practice?  You need to keep a broad view of sales, customer relationships, new leads, and employee productivity without being in the office all the time. 

You need a way to keep a finger on the pulse, from wherever you are.

You’re the person the Workflow Timeline was made for.

It’s a powerful tool that brings you the most important updates from your business in real time.  The unique live feed was designed based on the feedback of small business owners like you.

Now, from any computer or mobile device, you can get instant access to the Workflow Timeline.  It’ll be like you never even left the office.  Instantly view employee timecards and tasks, new orders, abandoned carts, and internal client notes from any location.

It’s perfect for keeping tabs on a sales team that’s on the move, for keeping track of employees who work from home, and for managing various projects simultaneously. 

By scrolling through the live feed of the Workflow Timeline, you’ll instantly be on top of:workflow timeline


  • Real-time view of new paid and unpaid invoices
  • Abandoned cart notifications

Client Notes

  • All internal notes post to the timeline, to keep everyone in the loop
  • Head off potential problems early
  • Ensure excellent customer relationships
  • Instant lead box alerts

Employee Productivity

  • Tasking system, with priority levels, deadlines, and recurring tasks
  • Timecard notes ensure employee productivity and accurate invoicing
  • Project management

The Workflow Timeline brings you these updates in real time, from wherever you are.  Learn more here!